• Khing’s sister company Place des Leads is ranked 28th in the l’Express L’entreprise classification

    L’Express L’entreprise has just published an article about the classification of 138 young French companies. These companies, which have been created during those last eight years, have achieved in 2013 a turnover of at least € 1 million or conducted a fundraiser by the same amount since their creation. Place des Leads is ranked 28th in this classification. Congratulations!

    Check the ranking on L’Express

    Khing, a Global Performance Marketing company based in London, is a sister company of Place des Leads. Created in September 2013, Khing provides services to advertisers so they can boost their client’s acquisition across Web and Mobile. His performance model (CPI, CPC, CPL…) helps advertisers to get the best ROI across all verticals. Khing provides users acquisition solutions and CRM tools to manage Engagement and Loyalty Strategies.