• Publishers

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  • Drive revenue and Enrich Your Website/application Content…

    With Khing proprietary ad serving technology, show personalised ads to your users.

    - High CTR

    - Native Mobile Experience

    - IAB Creatives and variety of custom Advertising formats

    - Reporting 24/7

    …With just a piece of code Monetise your mobile traffic user top IAB ads creative including

    In Feed Video

    IAB 300x250

    APP Reco Widget



    In Feed Native


    IAB 320x50

    Follow your earnings in real time for each campaigns you are running - 24/7 real time reporting

    In addition, Khing provides a set of APIs to enable reporting and instant access to hundreds of offers

    Reporting API

    Offer setup API (Online & Offline API)

    Know more about Khing APIs